Americans Taste Test British Snacks

Watch these yanks dig into some spotted dick. Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitte…

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50 thoughts on “Americans Taste Test British Snacks

  1. To be fair, I don’t think spotted dick is all that popular in England. At
    least not with my generation. I know my parents had it at school sometimes
    for pudding

  2. You don’t have Jaffa Cakes?! HOW DO YOU LIVE?! That was like the only good
    one they chose though. Most of our ‘snacks’ aren’t that bad!!

  3. They don’t have jaffa cakes, wham bars, wine gums, or jelly babies. I also
    heard once they don’t have custard creams. BuzzFeedYellow, are you really
    sure about this?

  4. I’m not from the UK, but we have all of those things here. I hate jelly
    babies, but I love wine gums! Plus, anyone notice how they assumed that
    “British” only means English?.. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are a
    part of the UK too…

  5. Haha, it’s always interesting to watch people try new things and react to
    it. Interesting names to the candy. XD My favorite was spotted dicks. 

  6. The only time I ever eat wine gums is when I travel.
    I like whams too but I don’t eat them much, same with jelly babies.
    Spotted dick? Never actually had it.
    Jaffa cakes were my favourite growing up, loved them. More cake than
    biscuit though. 

  7. There are shit British snacks and shit American snacks. There are good
    British snacks and good American snacks. Most of these are pretty average,
    normal snacks, compared to the extremes shown in the American snack video
    (Hot Tamales, Slim Jims, War Heads, fucking TWINKIES).

  8. SPOTTED DICK ??!?!?!?!?!?! i thought that was a sexual transmitted disease
    ?? yall eat spotted dick and dare to mock the most greatest creation know
    to man the almighty hostess twinkie???? i was supprised to not see an
    english muffin in the mix 

  9. Buzzfeed, please stop asking your subjects to exaggerate everything.
    Jelly babies are just fat gummy bears,
    Jaffa cakes are fucking COOKIES
    Wham is fucking Airheads taffy, it’s the exact same fucking thing and
    they’re acting like it’s an alien substance they’ve never seen before.
    And wine gums? REALLY? WINE GUMS? You can basically buy these EVERYWHERE IN
    THE USA.
    I think the only weird thing is the Spotted Dick. everything else already
    exists here

  10. They always pick bad or average snacks for these videos. Go to the British
    snack vids; the Brits complain that they fed the Americans crap… Go to
    the American snack vids and they claim that the Brits got fed crap.

    It is all for the reactions. Just like when they offer non-Aussies
    vegemite and only give them a spoon instead of something to spread it on.

  11. I’m from the UK and I’ve never tried Spotted Dick lol!

    Right now I’m drinking Root Beer that I purchased from the World Section of
    my local Tescos.

    Its very sugary and tastes of Dandelion. My brother says it tastes like TCP

    I really like it :)

  12. haha, It seems like british sweets went down better with the americans than
    the american sweets with the british people. I know it’s a preference but
    british & Irish sweets taste better

  13. I would love to try Jaffa Cakes, Simon (aka Honeydew) from Yogscast loves
    them and they made a Jaffa Cake factory in Minecraft. :D

  14. These were like the worst things they could send over there! Jelly Babies
    are foul, and in my 19 years I have never ever eaten spotted dick!! Jaffa
    Cakes and Wine Gums are some of the best things ever, can’y believe they
    don’t have them over there!?

  15. I’m British and I don’t like jelly babies, spotted dick I’ve never tried
    (didn’t even know it was a “British” food tbh) and I hate wine gums!!!

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