Hannibal Buress Performs Standup

Comedian Hannibal Buress talks about his love for New Orleans and the experience of throwing a bachelor party there. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starri…

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50 thoughts on “Hannibal Buress Performs Standup

  1. my reaction when I say this in my subscriptions was literally:

  2. I used to like him but somewhere I think he lost his punch and he’s lost
    explaining and no strong punches….but still funny dude.

  3. hannibal is one of the best young comics around. i saw him do a set in new
    orleans a few months ago and of course he told this story. it was awesome. 

  4. Slightly funny, listen to British comedians there the best the material is
    so much stronger. Jimmy invite some to your show they won’t let you down.

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