Jimmy Interviews Michael Jordan (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Jimmy gets a surprise visit from NBA legend Michael Jordan, and the two recall some of MJ’s greatest moments. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimm…

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50 thoughts on “Jimmy Interviews Michael Jordan (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

  1. The joke probably is that they dont tell the guest who he or she is going
    to be until 5 minutes after they are called on stage. So unless you pick up
    on that I agree it would be a lame joke, but then again, if you dont pick
    up on it then you are just dumb. Its an improv exercise.

  2. Didn’t Letterman or Johnny Carson already do this joke? Where you say
    someone’s coming and it’s not really them. That’s an old joke that doesn’t
    need doing again.

  3. Michael never ages!!! And he keeps getting better looking. Must be great to
    have money (when you’re not gambling it away).

  4. i dont watch SNL often and i stumbled across this video… i dont
    understand what going on… who is she? sorry can someone explain this to
    me lol? im serious!

  5. The hair and make-up is just so awesome. It’s so REAL! I would never have
    known this was NOT Michael Jordan if a friend hadn’t told me.

  6. Wow, it’s disappointing that some people here actually don’t get the joke.
    Just so you know, it’s improv guys, which means everything they say and do
    is made up on the spot and is not rehearsed, THAT’S why its funny.

  7. I think you need an appreciation for comedic subtly, improvisation and
    tongue in each humor to appreciate this. They’re both hilarious and this
    kind of humor is why the bit Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell did at the
    Golden Globes was so funny. 

  8. I don’t know why everyone’s hatin on this so much. it might be a little
    dumb or stupid, but com’mon people it’s just for fun! lighten up!

  9. wow look at some people bashing other late knight talk show
    hosts.especially when they have NO profile picture. *drumroll* FEEL THE

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